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Jameed Durra 450g
Jameed Durra 450g. Ingredients: Jameed ( Dry sheep Yogurt) 30%, water 65.9%, Salt 4% and natural Spices 0.1%  
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Grape Leaves In Vacuum Durra 310g
Grape Leaves In Vaccum Durra 310g
Stuffed Eggplants Makdous Durra 600g
Stuffed Eggplants Makdous Durra 600g مكدوس باذنجان Ingredients: Eggplant 47%, sunflower oil 28%, red chilli 13.00%, walnut 9%, salt 2.55%, garlic 0.4%, preservatives E211 0.05%. Free from genetically modified elements.
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Green Olives Colossal Durra 650g
Green Olives Colossal Durra 650g. Ingredients: Whole green olives 60%, water 34%, salt 5%, acidity regulator E330 0.5%, Chilli 0.3% and lemon 0.2%
Halva Tahini Pistachio Durra 350g
Halva Tahini Pistachio Durra 350g. Halawa Tahini Pistachio. Ingredients: Sesame paste, sugar, modified rapeseed and palm oil, halva extract, citric acid, vanillin, artificial flavour, pistachio nuts and geranium oil.  
Falafel Mix Durra 350g
Falafel Mix Durra 350g Ingredients: Faba Beans (78%), Chickpeas (7%), Coriander (5%), Onion (4%), Salt (2.8%),  Sodium Carbonate (0.6%), Cumin (1%), Garlic (0.005%), Turmeric (0.005%).  
Keshk Durra 500g
Keshk Durra 500g. Kishk.  100% Semolina
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Pickled Turnip Durra 710g
Pickled Turnip Durra 710g مخلل لفت الدرة Ingredients: Turnip-beetroot 55.5%, water 39.5%, salt 4%, acidity regulator: E260-E330 1%
Cucumber Pickle Durra 720g
Cucumber Pickle Durra 720g. Ingredients: Cucumber 48.5%, water 46.5%, Salt 4%, Acetic acid 1%, E260
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Hommus with Tahina Durra 370g
Hommus with Tahina Durra 370g. Hummus Ingredients: Chickpeas 60%, water 27.5%, Sesame Tahina 10%, Salt, Acidifiers E330 0.5%
Tahini Durra 400g
Tahini Durra 400g. Tahina Ingredients: 100% Sesame Seeds, roasted and grinded.
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Cherry Jam Durra 430g
Cherry Jam Durra 430g مربى الكرز Ingredients: Cherry 55%, sugar 34.5%, glucose 10%, acidity regulator E330 0.41%, Preservatives: E223 0.001%, E211 0.044%, E202 0.45%
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Molokhia Dried Durra 200g
Molokhia Dried Durra 200g. Dry Mallow
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Fig Jam Durra 430g
Fig Jam Durra 430g Ingredients: Figs 48%, sugar 38%, glucose 13%, acidity regulator E330 0.31%, Preservatives: E202 (0.045% ), E211 (0.044%), Antioxidant E223 (0.001% ) Sulphites. 
Freekeh Durra 450g
Freekeh Durra 450g. Roasted green durum wheat.
Egyptian Small Melon Seeds Durra 300g
Egyptian Small Melon Seeds Durra 300g. Roasted Salted Melon Seeds. بذر مصري اكسترا Ingredients: Melon seeds 89%, salt 10%, Citric acid E330 0.5%, Corn starch 0.5%.
Halawa Tahini Plain Durra 350g
Halawa Tahini Plain Durra 350g. Halva Plain.  Ingredients: Sugar 29.53%, glucose 14.77%, soapwort 1%, acidifiers E330 0.15%, Vanilla 0.05%, Emulsifier E417 2%.
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Red thyme Zaatar Durra 500g
Red thyme Zaatar Durra 500g. Red Zaatar
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Bulgur Fine Durra 700g
Bulgur Fine Durra 700g برغل ناعم
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Green Thyme Zaatar Durra 400g
Green Thyme Zaatar Durra 400g Ingredients: Thyme leaves, wheat, salt, anise, sesame, sumac, fennel, coriander and sunflower oil.  
Amba Pickles Sweet Durra 600g
Amba Pickles Sweet Durra 600g Ingredients: Mixed Vegetables in vary proportions 56%, water 23%, vinegar 15%, amba spices 3.5%, salt 2%, acidity regulator E330 0.45%, Preservative E202 0.05%.
Strawberry Jam Durra 430g
Strawberry Jam Durra 430g مربى الفراولة Ingredients: Strawberry 49%, sugar 40%, glucose 10.22%. acidity regulator E330 0.27%, Preservatives: Antioxidant E223 0.001% Sulphite, E211 0.05%, E202 0.49%, color E120 0.01%.
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Corn Starch Durra 500g
Corn Starch Durra 500g. Corn Flour
Iraqi Najaf Pickle with Vinegar 650g
Iraqi Najaf Pickle with date Vinegar 650g Ingredients: Mixed vegetables 55%, natural dates vinegar 41.95%, preservative E211 0.05%.
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