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Dried Grape Leaves Al Dayaa 280g
Dried Grape Leaves Al Dayaa 280g. Dried Vine Leaves
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Grape Leaves In Vacuum Durra 310g
Grape Leaves In Vaccum Durra 310g
Turkish Vine Leaves Selin 350g
Turkish Vine Leaves Selin 350g. Vine leaves in Vacuum. Grape Leaves Ingredients: Natural Cooked and Salted vine leaves, salt, acidifier citric acid. No preservative  
Stuffed Vine Leaves Bodrum 400g
Stuffed Vine Leaves Bodrum 400g. Ingredients: Onions, water, rice, vine leaves, sunflower oil, currants, spices (mint, allspice, cinnamon, sumac), salt, sugar, lemon salt.
Turkish Grape Leaves Bodrum 420g
Turkish Grape Leaves Bodrum 420g GMO Free. No added preservatives, colours or sweeteners. 100% Hand Picked  
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Stuffed Grape Leaves Durra 400g
Stuffed Grape Leaves Durra 400g. Stuffed Vine . Ingredients: Water 28.6%, tomatoes 20%, rice 16%, vine leaves 14%, sunflower oil 9%, Spices parsley 4%, onion 4%, mint 1%, pepper 0.1%, salt 3%, acidity regulator E330 0.3%. GMO Free
Turkish Vacuum Vine Leaves Yakamoz 400g
Turkish Vacuum Vine Leaves Yakamoz 400g Ingredients: Vine leaf, water, salt, acidity regulator( citric acid), preservative ( Potassium sorbate)
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