Caykur Rize Turist Cayi 500g
Caykur Rize Turist Cayi 500g. Turkish Tea. Traditional Turkish Black Tea  شاي تركي اسود
Sold Out
Caykur Altinbas 400g
Caykur Altinbas 400g. Turkish Tea. Turkish Black Tea شاي تركي  Top Turkish Favourite Tea From Northeastern Black Sea region of Turkey High Quality curled golden-headed Loose Leaves. No Preservatives or chemical additives.
Caykur Filiz Cayi 500g
Caykur Filiz Cayi 500g. Turkish Tea.  شاي تركي 
£4.99 £3.99
Caykur Tomurcuk Earl Grey Tea 125g
Caykur tomurcuk earl grey tea 125g. Turkish Tea. Black Earl Grey Tea. Bergamot Flavored Black Tea. شاي تركي  شاي ايرل جراي
£4.99 £3.99
Caykur Cay Cicegi Tea 500G
 Caykur Cay Cicegi Tea 500G. Turkish tea. شاي تركي 
£5.19 £3.99
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